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HDPE Containers represent a perfect example of circular economy. The plastic used for their realization in fact comes from separate collection itself. Each container can be recycled at the end of its life cycle, thus obtaining a substantial reduction of waste, a simultaneous recycling of the material and a lower overall environmental impact.

Main advantages:

- Light
The use of HDPE allows a remarkable total weight reduction by increasing the load potential;

- Recyclable

- Resistant to chemicalagents
Thanks to the component of polyethylene, containers can be washed and sanitized without damaging;

- High Shock Resistance
HDPE flexibility makes the containers more resistant to impacts and not subject to deformation;

- No Paint Needed
The absence of paint guarantees greater longevity of the container and less pollution;

- 30% of Noise Reduction
The feature of HDPE is a sensitive noise abatemnet, especially during the conferment of glass;

- UHF Recognition System
The UHF tag placed on the container allows the system to identify the data and the operating status of the container itself;

- Controlled Access
To improve separate collection services, the manager could incentivize citizen virtuous behaviour through the registration of conferment data and user could easily access the service via smartphon or card.

The containers are available in six volumes:
- HDPE standard: 2500L, 3000L, 3750L;
- HDPE slim: 1750L, 2100L, 2700L.

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