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The system consisting of the bilateral load robotic arm, waste compactor and container washer, makes 2AS the most complete and versatile solutions on the market.

Easy to install on any chassis, 2AS allows the collection of both above ground and underground containers and the handling of solar powered compactors, contributing to maximize the saparate collection system.

The main benefit of ESA proposal is to leave freedom of choice for the customer, who can decide to combine the various components, that can be completely integrated with others already in his possession.

Main advantages:

- 62" Complete Operating Cycle
Reduction of the time needed to complete the entire operating cycle to give greater availability to perform other activities related to the service with consequent less pollution;

- Single Man Operated
Greater efficiency in execution of the service with minimal use of staff compared to classic work;

- Bilateral Collection
Greater freedom in the positioning of the road containers;

- Workers Health
The ease of managing all the work from the cockpit avoids he onset of chronic diseases in the long term.

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