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AMUT, established in 1958, provides state-of-the-art recycling and extrusion technologies, through AMUT Ecotech and AMUT Extrusion divisions.

AMUT Ecotech specializes in the design and construction of plastic recycling plants, for PET/HDPE/PP bottles, containers and PE film. We are in a unique position in the plastics waste recycling sector, as we offer integrated front-end sorting and high-tech turnkey washing plants with optimised design and engineering, as well as extrusion lines to convert flakes into pellets from a single source.
The division portfolio extends to facilities for the waste recycling industry, including material recovery from post-consumer waste, plastic recovery from post-consumer plastics and Industrial and household waste sorting and recovery.

AMUT Extrusion provides high performance extruders, related ancillary down-stream equipment and a wide range of lines for the production of foils, sheets, stretch film, waterproofing membranes, pipes and profiles.
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+39 0321 6641
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28100 NOVARA (Novara)
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